planes tied-down by hangars


Monthly Rate  $88
Get one month FREE when you pay annually – $968


T-Hangar — $515.00 per month
Community Hangar — $650 per month

Hangars are in high demand. To be added to the current wait list, please email with your contact information.

For additional information please call Lori at (410) 222-6815

T-Hangar at Tipton Airport


First Hour is Free for All Aircraft

Airplanes with Wingspans Less Than 40 Feet All Helicopters and Airplanes with Wingspans Greater Than 40 Feet
Same-Day Departure $5.00 $15.00
Overnight $10.00 $30.00
Per Night, 5 Nights or More $7.50 $22.50
30 Day Flat Rate* $150 $450

*Must be paid on arrival; will not be pro-rated for early departures