Baltimore — 20 miles

Annapolis — 19.6 miles

Downtown Fort Meade — 4.2 miles


Parking for transient aircraft is located adjacent to the Terminal building and the self-serve 100LL fuel tank (please see airport diagram).


Spacious enough for flight planning, the  pilots’ room offers DUATS access, DTN weather service, and vending machines.  For your passengers, it is a comfortable and convenient space to wait on arrival while you secure your aircraft; and, of course,  you always have 24-hour access to restrooms.  As you face the Terminal building from the ramp, the flight planning room is located on the right side of the building.


A quick and simple check-in with our operations staff is required of all visitors so that we may communicate with you during your stay.  During operating hours, please register with our operations staff in the Terminal. After-hours, you may sign the registration log in the flight planning room.


During operating hours, vehicles are permitted access to the ramp for loading and unloading. Please see our on-duty operations staff to enter through the gate. After-hours, you may use the personnel gate located on the east end of the Terminal building. The gate code can be found in the flight planning room, posted by the registration log.


We have an arrangement with the local Hertz office whereby they will leave cars for our customers. IF YOU ANTICIPATE ARRIVING DURING NON-BUSINESS HOURS, PLEASE CALL US SO THAT WE CAN ENSURE YOUR CAR WILL BE AVAILABLE TO YOU. To rent a car call the local Hertz office at (301) 317-3601.


Should you have a problem after hours, you can reach Michael cell (443) 716-5096 or Evan Howell cell (410) 674-5935. If you have to leave a message they’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please understand they have a life (ok, maybe not much of one) outside the Airport.


On your phone go to and get a safe reliable ride in minutes, or on an iphone go to the app store and download Uber. or . . Go to and see why 9 out of 10 rides end with a five stars.

Thanks again for choosing Tipton. If you need help, please ask and we’ll do what we can. We would also be interested in any feedback you can give us. Drop us a line at [email protected].