About Tipton Airport

Tipton’s History

Tipton Airport is a former U.S. Army airfield designated for privatization by the 1988 Base Realignment & Closure Act. The airport closed in 1995 and reopened on November 1, 1999 and is operated today by the Tipton Airport Authority, which is a state-chartered public corporation. The 366-acre facility is bordered by Ft. Meade, National Security Agency, and the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge.

Tipton’s Namesake

Tipton Airport is named in honor of William D. “Shorty” Tipton who was a Maryland native and career military pilot.  Colonel Tipton was born in Jarrettsville, Maryland on December 11, 1892.  He served as a pursuit pilot during WWI, spending the last four months of the War as a POW.  He served in the National Guard and the Reserve Corps between the World Wars and entered active duty again in February of 1941.  Colonel Tipton remained on active duty until he was killed in an aircraft accident on December 12, 1945.

Tipton’s Future

Tipton is planned to be a state-of-the-art general aviation facility with a strong community presence and home to many sport, recreational, private, and business aircraft. Currently, our efforts are focused on a proposed runway project that will include adding 1,200 feet to the east end, widening the runway by twenty-five feet, and constructing a new parallel taxiway.  As a first step, we have undertaken an environmental assessment which should be done in early 2014.  We are also conducting a facilities planning study and a construction phasing study, both of which will aid in the overall design effort.