Please note: – Vehicles are never permitted near the fuel tanks. – You must not use a cell phone or radio near the fuel tanks.

You may call our office at 410-222-6815 or email us at info@tiptonairport.org for current fuel prices.

attaching the grounding wire to metal hook on wing strut

Before fueling, you must ensure that your aircraft is grounded..

fuel counter must be turned back to zero before pumping fuel

Reset the counter by turning the knob on the right side of the counter.

inserting credit card into Fuel computer

Insert your Pro-Key or credit card and follow the directions on the screen.

pilot screwing gas cap on, holding hose with drip cap on.

After fueling, please replace the dust cover on the nozzle.

Walk the nozzle back to the reel and place it in the holder. Then, press the rewind button while keeping light pressure on the hose with your foot. Please do not drag the nozzle across the ground.

pilot walking the grounding wire back in

Walk the grounding clip back to the reel without letting it drag on the ground. Keep tension on the cable when rewinding.

taking the fueling receipt from machine

Please take your receipt with you.

man checking gas cap on low wing airplane

Double-check to be sure you have tightened your gas caps and have a great flight!