In keeping with actions taken throughout the State, we will be limiting our staff presence at the Airport.  Effective today, March 17, our offices will be closed until further notice.  Staff will be on the Airport on a limited and unscheduled basis each day to help ensure the continued smooth operation of the Airport.  We will perform our normal daily fuel checks to ensure you, our customers, have clean and dry fuel and that our systems are operating normally. We will inspect the airfield and facilities to identify and correct any issues that might arise.

Should you need our assistance during this time, we are a phone call away and close enough that we can respond quickly. We ask that if you encounter any problems, such as with the access gates or the fueling systems, that you let us know immediately.

Our contact information is:

Michael 443-716-5096

Ryan 410-674-5935

Lori 443-900-4410

We will reassess our office hours on March 21 and provide an update.

Thank you. And please be safe.